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Case Study of Furniture Robot Painting Line

Robot spraying has two outstanding advantages: it can reduce the number of spraying guns by about 30%-40%, and improve the speed of spraying gun movement. In order to adapt to high-speed spraying, high-speed rotating spraying gun is used for inner surface spraying and second layer metal paint spraying.

The design of painting robot implements the principle of modular structure. The robot can be equipped with different connecting devices, so that it can work either in a fixed way or on a track. The track can be fixed on the side wall of the spray chamber or near the ceiling. If the spray gun of the spraying robot is changed into an operating fixture, it will become a robot to operate the door, because the driving system of the two robots is the same.

Case Study of Furniture Robot Painting Line

The motion mode of the robot arm can be assembled into two or three axes. The two-axis robot works in a rotationally symmetrical motion mode with a high-speed rotating spray gun, which reduces a driving shaft, reduces weight and simplifies design.

There are three main spraying modes for robots: the first is the dynamic/static mode, in which the spraying objects are first transferred to the spraying chamber and remain stationary during the spraying process. The other is the flow mode, in which the spraying material passes through the spraying chamber at a uniform speed. Robots can move in dynamic/static mode and remain stationary in mobile mode. The third mode is the tracking mode. In this mode, the spraying object passes through the spraying chamber at a uniform speed. The manipulator not only tracks the spraying object, but also changes direction and angle according to the spraying surface.