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Case Study of Furniture Powder Spraying Production Line

Surface coating is a kind of solid powder coating. It is made of resin and other natural additives, without any organic solvents, heavy metals and other harmful substances.

Healthy and environmentally friendly surface spraying process, safe materials, make the spraying process and use process will not have volatile gases and toxic and harmful gas release, one-time spraying and seamless characteristics further lock the residual formaldehyde gas in the MDF, truly non-toxic and odorless, can effectively maintain indoor air quality. Give you a healthy home.

Case Study of Furniture Powder Spraying Production Line

Powder spraying technology originates from metal electrostatic powder spraying technology. Powder coating is famous for its high utilization rate and environmental protection, and its popularization speed is very fast. Although the powder spraying technology of medium fiberboard has appeared as early as 2000, there has been a great technical difficulty in the application of this technology. Many enterprises in Taiwan and Mainland China have tried to develop this technology, but in the end they failed. At present, only 10 countries in the world have mastered and applied this powder spraying technology, namely Italy, Germany... Dongguan Chuangzhi, China, is the first enterprise in Asia to successfully develop environmental protection powder spraying medium fiberboard technology.

The principle of MDF powder spraying technology is to let the MDF become a conductor through high temperature, and then directly enter the electrostatic powder spraying production line. The powder is directly and evenly adsorbed on the surface of the MDF by electrostatic. The remaining powder is sucked away by the fan, recycled and reused directly, and the sprayed sheet is solidified directly into the heating box. The whole process is less than 20 minutes, no more than 4 people, and the powder recycling rate is over 99%. It really realizes the requirements of low energy consumption, pollution-free and recyclable green environmental protection.