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Solution of Waste Gas Treatment in Automotive Painting Room

When a car encroaches, it must be repainted. Most car owners will choose professional auto repair shop to do repainting. And automobile repair shop must use automobile spray paint room, accordingly, automobile spray paint room exhaust gas treatment equipment will be needed.

Main Components of Exhaust Gas from Automotive Painting Room

The main components of paint room exhaust gas are related to spray paint raw materials. Paint paint is mainly composed of paint and volatile agent. Paint becomes liquid when volatile agent dissolves. When spraying, some paint particles become foggy suspended in the air. These foggy particles are the main components of spray paint room exhaust gas. Studies have shown that these exhaust gases contain hundreds of organic compounds, such as alkanes, naphthenes, olefins, aromatic compounds, alcohols, aldehydes, ketones, esters, ethers and other compounds.

Main sources of exhaust gas from automobile paint spraying room

The exhaust gas of automobile spray painting room is divided into three stages.

The first stage is spray paint exhaust gas, the main component is paint aerosol suspended particles;

The second stage is air-drying exhaust gas, the main component of which is volatile solvent.

The third stage is the drying waste gas of the paint baking room, the main component is the solvent which is difficult to volatilize naturally.

Solution of Waste Gas Treatment in Automotive Painting Room