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Solution of Dust-free Painting Line for Automotive Brake Chassis

This design plan is suitable for spraying high-requirement hardware such as automobile brake chassis. It has the following advantages.

1. The whole painting operation area is fully enclosed. The whole equipment is separated from the outside world. The air supply in the spraying area is purified to ensure that the air cleanliness is less than 100,000. The workpiece is assembled on the secondary fixture manually and then connected with the primary fixture on the conveyor chain. The fixture features flexible rotation and convenient insertion, which is the leading technology in the industry.

2. The workpiece passes through the manual/automatic electrostatic precipitation device to eliminate the static charge and dust remaining on the workpiece. In order to make every part of the workpiece be completely dedusted, the conveyor chain has a rotating device at the workstation. Therefore, the automatic electrostatic precipitation of the workpiece is carried out in rotation, and the dedusting effect is good. The electrostatic precipitator is as follows: Imported products, characteristics: good painting, control the shortcomings of each link;

3. After dust removal, the workpiece enters the spraying room. The spraying room is the most important working area of the automatic spraying line. The fresh air supplied by the air supply device is filtered by 99.99% filter again before entering the spraying room. The cleanliness is less than 100,000. The exhaust system is exhausted from the exhaust fan of the water curtain spraying cabinet to the top of the building and the paint contained in the exhaust gas. More than 90% of the fog is treated by the double treatment of water curtain and scroll in the water curtain spray cabinet. The air flow velocity in the spraying room is 0.4-0.6 m/s, which guarantees safety, non-toxicity, and no eddy air flow and secondary pollution.

4. The spraying line spraying gun adopts the special spraying gun of Japan Iwata Brand. Its paint output is stable and reliable, and the spraying quality is guaranteed.

5. The sprayed workpiece then enters the leveling section. The leveling section is equipped with air supply device and exhaust device to ensure that the paint concentration in the leveling room does not exceed the explosion limit and to ensure safety.

6. The workpiece after leveling enters the drying furnace and solidifies under heating. There are several air blowers on the top of the solidifying furnace. The impeller agitates the hot air of the furnace, so that the workpiece is heated evenly. The inner liner is made of stainless steel plate, which is not rusty and suitable for regular maintenance and cleaning. The control screen is equipped with automatic display and recording of the measuring points in the furnace. Temperature meters can record and display faithfully and visually to facilitate observation and control. After baking, the workpiece enters the cooling section and is cooled by fresh air to ensure the quality of spraying in the next process. It is also equipped with an exhaust device to discharge hot gas in time.

7. The conveying equipment used in this automatic painting scheme is ground chain conveyor, which has smooth running, no slag falling and no lubrication, and is supplemented by frequency conversion speed regulation and tension device.

8. The whole spraying line has smooth logistics, simple workpieces at different workstations, easy inspection, high automation, saving a lot of labor, and smooth operation of the spraying line; it adopts man-machine interface control, and points-by-points control of each part.

Solution of Dust-free Painting Line for Automotive Brake Chassis