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Aluminum profile spraying equipment

This design plan is suitable for powder spraying of large aluminium profiles and has the following advantages

1. Electrostatic automatic spraying, high powder utilization rate

2. High degree of automation, saving labor costs

3. Choose advanced fast color changing system to meet the requirements of product color diversification.

4. Design and satisfy the program once.

5. To meet the product quality and process requirements.

6. Reasonable layout of the plane to facilitate the organization of production and maintenance needs.

7. Design and implement the principle of "safe production and civilized production" to meet the relevant national technical safety regulations.

8. To meet the requirements of environmental protection, hygiene and safety.

9. The discharge of waste water, exhaust gas and harmful dust from the equipment meets the relevant national environmental protection requirements, and the noise is less than 85Db (environmental protection treatment facilities are needed).

Aluminum profile spraying equipment

Aluminum profile spraying equipment