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CJ Activated carbon adsorption & Catalytic combustion plant

CJ series activated carbon adsorption • catalytic combustion device is our company accumulated years of waste gas treatment experience, developed successful high-efficiency energy-saving products. Through the use of many users, confirmed to reach a more advanced level.

CJ Activated carbon adsorption & Catalytic combustion plant


The process flow

The device is designed according to the two basic principles of adsorption (high efficiency) and catalytic combustion (energy saving). It adopts double gas path to work continuously, with one catalytic combustion chamber and two or more adsorption beds used alternately. First, the organic waste gas is adsorbed by activated carbon. When it reaches saturation, the adsorption stops. Then, the organic matter is desorbed from the activated carbon by hot air flow to regenerate the activated carbon. The desorbed organic matter has been concentrated (the concentration has been increased more than ten times) and sent to the catalytic combustion chamber to catalyze combustion into carbon dioxide and steam emission. When the concentration of the organic waste gas reaches above 2000PPm, the organic waste gas can maintain spontaneous combustion in the catalytic bed without external heating. Some of the exhaust gas after combustion is discharged into the atmosphere, most of which is sent to the adsorption bed for activated carbon regeneration. This can meet the needs of combustion and adsorption of heat energy, to achieve the purpose of energy saving. After the regeneration of activated carbon can enter the next adsorption; During desorption, the purification operation can be carried out on another adsorption bed, suitable for both continuous and intermittent operations.

CJ Activated carbon adsorption & Catalytic combustion plant

The principle of

The purification device is mainly used in coating, printing, mechanical and electrical, home appliances, shoes, plastic and all kinds of chemical in the workshop or leak out of the harmful organic exhaust gas purification and odor elimination, is suitable for low concentration, unfavorable use direct combustion and catalytic combustion or adsorption recycling organic waste gas, especially for large volume processing, all can obtain satisfactory economic benefits and environmental benefits.

1. This equipment has advanced design principle, unique material, stable performance, simple structure, safety and reliability, energy saving and power saving, and no secondary pollution. The equipment occupies a small area and is light in weight. The adsorption bed adopts drawer structure for easy loading and replacement.

2. Adopt a new type of activated carbon adsorption material -- honeycomb block activated carbon, which is suitable for large air volume.

3. The catalytic combustion chamber adopts the precious metal catalyst with honeycomb ceramic shape as the carrier, with low resistance and high activity.

4. The activated carbon bed adsorbs organic waste gas, and USES the hot air after catalytic combustion for desorption and regeneration. The gas after desorption is then sent to the catalytic combustion chamber for purification.